Why is the spring I received much shorter than my old spring?

The torquemaster springs you receive will not always match the length of your old springs due to the switch from an oil tempered spring to a new high tensile strength music wire spring. It may be different in length, diameter, or wire size than your existing spring, but it is the correct part that you ordered for the size of your garage door. 

The springs I received are too short for the width of my door. How do I connect it on the inside?

The springs you received are what is rated for the height and weight of your door as ordered. The width of your door is not a factor because Torquemaster springs are self anchoring to expand and contract inside the spring tube. There must be empty space inside the tube for this to happen. Torquemaster spring tubes are teardrop shaped. The anchor cone on the end of the spring that goes inside the tube is also teardrop shaped. This design allows the anchor cone to lock into place when wound to provide the tension needed to lift and lower your door. As this happens the spring coils will stretch and contract. You do not connect the inside cone with anything inside the tube. Make sure your spring tube is completely empty before installing.

My old spring had a rod inside of it and the new spring doesn't. What do I do with this part?

You can safely discard the rod and any broken spring pieces found inside your spring tube. Some of the newer springs no longer require an inner rod. If all the information you provided when ordering is correct the spring that you receive will be the spring currently manufactured for your garage door.

My new spring didn't come with plastic sleeves. What do I do?

You can reuse your old spring sleeves. Just remove them from the spring tube, trim them down to fit inside the cones on your new spring, slide onto new spring prior to reinstalling spring in tube. Don't have the sleeves anymore? That's ok. The spring sleeves only serve as a noise dampener and springs can be installed without them.

The Torquemaster Plus winding assembly doesn't fit the holes on my flag bracket. Is there another option?

Occasionally some types of flag brackets will block the tab on the winding bracket from sliding right on. If this is the case, all you need to do is bend the tab off (work it back and forth until it shears), and then you can install on your existing flag bracket. You may also need to punch a hole in the flag bracket for the carriage bolt if there is not one present in the correct location. See illustrations below.

I can't find the weight of my door. Can I give you the other numbers on my tube instead to order?

We require the weight of your door to accurately determine the correct spring. Springs are made differently now than they used to be, so wire size and spring dimensions off your tube only apply to the old springs. Many part numbers on tube are internal to the door company that installed it or have been phased out. They often don't include the part numbers for both springs as well and there are lots of different combinations of springs that could be on the same door in different garages. We can't use any of the details on your spring tube label other than the height and weight of your door for the reasons listed above. 

The weight of my door isn't listed on the label. How can I provide that if I can't find it?

If the balance weight is not on the label, you will need to weigh your door. Use a bathroom scale (analog, not digital) and release the tension on the spring to weigh. DO NOT GUESS the weight of your door and MAKE SURE there is no spring tension on the door (cables should be disconnected or slack on both sides). We base the size of the spring almost entirely on the weight of your door, so if you don't have this information you will not be able to order.